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Experiment with TPMS Studio and create complex structures with over 30 different lattice types. Create your own project or start with one of the many built-in templates!

Dedicated solution for designing CAD parts with porous lattices inside them.

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Possibilities of TPMS Studio

Mesh generation

Create a mesh with various lattice type and export to STL and OBJ.

Slice Rendering

Slice rendering

Render slices and export to images, stencils and more.

Resin Printing

Resin printing

Export to various brands of 3D resin printers.

Over 30 lattice types

Generate over 30 lattice types in your own made shapes and constructs.


Real-time generation

30+ Lattice Types

30+ Lattice Types
Text Nodes

Identifying Parts in your Model

Identifying Parts in your Model

Control of Channel Size

Control of Channel Size
View Clipping

Look Inside the Model

Look Inside the Model

Evaluate the Geometry Slices

Evaluate the Geometry Slices

Modular and flexible modelling system

Modular and flexible modelling system

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